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október 25. @ 09:00 - október 26. @ 21:00

25th-26th October 2024 Budapest-HUNGARY
UP RENDEZVÉNYTÉR Budapest, Szent István tér 13-14, 1042 Hungary
REGISTRATION : Friday 25th October 09:00-16:00
UP RENDEZVÉNYTÉR Budapest, Szent István tér 13-14, 1042 Hungary
The competition is open to natural athletes from all over the world
Athletes can crossover into multiple categories!
Registration takes place via
If your country does not work with zbodyfit, please register with zbodyfit under OTHER…
Please have your ID or passport ready. We accept cash only! ˙(Hungarian forint or Euro)
The form will be active till 04. Marc.2024 – 22. October.2024
Application sent after the 22th October will not be accepted.
Should you have any problems with completing the application, please contact: or administrator
For this competition you will need to purchase de european membership card –
This membership card will be MANDATORY for all athletes from Europe who will participate in the INBA/PNBA NATURAL UNIVERSE
For all amateur athletes from outside Europe, a GLOBAL MEMBERSHIP card is MANDATORY
Mobil +1 951-801-2009 and e-mail
For all PRO athletes a PNBA MEMBERSHIPS card is MANDATORY
1st DAY Friday 25th October 17:00-21:00
2nd DAY Saturday 26th October 08:00-20:00
Entry fees for participation in the competition:
First category : 170€
Each additional category :130€
Physically Challenged : 40€
PNBA competition fee : 250€
Coaches pass : 40€
valid for 2 days (This do not provide spectator seats)
Tickets : 20€ valid for 2 days
Tickets for children: 10€ valid for 2 days
(under 12 years of age)
Doping fee: 30€
INBA (Amateur) men’s categories:
Men’s Bodybuilding Ultra Masters over 60 years
Men’s Bodybuilding Grand Masters 50-59 years
Men’s Bodybuilding Masters 40-49 years
Men’s Bodybuilding Jr. Masters 35-39 years
Men’s Bodybuilding Open (divided into classes by height)
Men’s Bodybuilding Novice
Men’s Bodybuilding Junior up to 23 years
Men’s Classic Physique Junior***up to 23 years
Men’s Classic Physique Open***(divided into classes by height)
Men’s Classic Physique Novice
Men’s Classic Physique Jr Masters over 35 years
Men’s Athletic
Men’s Physique Junior up to 23 years
Men’s Physique Novice
Men’s Physique (divided into classes by height)
Men’s Physique Jr. Masters over 35 years
Men’s Sports Model Open
Men’s Beach Body
Men’s Physically Challenged
Novice category: only „LIFETIME” bodybuilders who wasnt in bodybuilding contest on the top three!
INBA (Amateur) women’s categories:
Women’s Bathing Suit Beauties (Swimsuit Model)
Women’s Angels
Women’s Wellness Open
Women’s Bikini Diva’s Junior up to 23 years
Women’s Bikini Diva’s Open (divided into classes by height)
Women’s Bikini Diva’s Novice
Women’s Bikini Diva’s Jr. Masters 35-39 years
Women’s Bikini Diva’s Masters over 40 years
Women’s Bikini Mamas
Women’s Sports Model Open (divided into classes by height)
Women’s Sports Model Jr. Masters
Women’s Sports Model Novice
Women’s Figure Open
Women’s Physique *** Open
Women’s Bodybuilding Open
Mixed pairs ***
Novice category: only „LIFETIME” competitors who wasnt in bodybuilding contest on the top three!
***Athletes participating in categories marked by 3 star (***)are requiered to upload their 60 seconds music for their free routine along with their application to the electronical system.
Individual posing routine for Men’s Classic Physique, Women’s Physique and Mixed Pairs only!
PNBA (Professional) categories:
Women’s Bikini Diva’s PNBA Open
Women’s Figure PNBA Open
Women’s Physique ***PNBA Open
Men’s Physique PNBA Open
Men’s Classic Physique***PNBA Open
Men’s Bodybuilding PNBA Open
Men’s Bodybuilding PNBA Masters
Extra prizes for PRO athletes
3-5 Athletes 1st place 500$
6-12 Athletes 1st place 1000$,2nd place 500$, 3rd place 300$
13-17 Athletes 1st place 2000$,2nd place 500$, 3rd place 300$
18+ Athletes 1st place 3000$,2nd place 700$, 3rd place 500$
The promoter reserves the right to OPEN, MERGE or to CANCEL categories based on the numbers of athletes registered ! Category is opened for at least 3 competitors.
Please read the evaluation criteria of the classes carefully and observe them when registering:
-The personal QR code from must be printed out or presented by mobile phone. This can be accesed after logging in as a tab by name under – my QR code –
-Your numbers are assigned in duplicate and are also valid for multiple starts in different classes
-You need a valid ID card or Passport
-Spectators are allowed to enter one hour before the start of the competition.
-Time schedule will be published on the „INBA Hungary Natural Bodybuilding” facebook page.
-With coach/trainer wistband can visit the backstage area.
-The backstage staff will call you in sufficient time before your class starts.
-The call is made via your start number. The start numbers are atached to the front left and middle back of your posing trunks/bikini. Please make sure that you heed the calls.
-Please wear clothing in the venue that covers a large part of your body so that you do not leave any tanning marks on the chairs and walls.
-Free chairs may of course be used. However, spectators have priority.
INBA/PNBA-related INBA Hungary considers the improvement and accuracy of urine tests important. For this reason, it has entered into an agreement with GQS GmbH (Global Quality Sports) to monitor urine analysis processes.GQS is an international ISO-certified company based in Stuttgart and Berlin that performs doping control in various sports.GQS agents take a urine sample at the competition.
In addition, whole body screening is performed to detect traces of injections and any other suspicious body features. Samples will be taken in accordance with the World Anti-Doping Code and the WADA International Standard for Testing. Samples are shipped to Germany to one of the WADA-accredited laboratories in Cologne or Dresden / Kreischa.
Professional Make up,
Professional Hair dresser
It is only allowed to use the official tan provider PRO TAN EUROPE. Any contestants using a different tanning brand will be disqualified. All contestants must and should have similar tanning color! Competition fee to be payed at the registration desk in cash only.
Tickets can be purchased in cash at the venue on Friday and Saturday.
The media partner for the event is Dunavolgyi Media Team, exclusively. You can contact them for stage and studio photos, also for different types of videos.
Contact: WhatsApp: 0036203204278
Instagram: Dunavolgyi Media Team
The exact time schedule will be published on Facebook and Instagram 5 days before the contest.
We will get back to you soon with details.
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október 25. @ 09:00
október 26. @ 21:00


INBA Hungary Natural Bodybuilding
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